The Courage to Care Award was first conceived by past Chair of the Board, Arlene Murphy. The award is given each year to a panel of individuals, organizations, service providers, and youth leaders who have dedicated their time, skills and efforts into promoting a healthy community in Roanoke County. The Rising Star Award is reserved for Council members who have demonstrated multiple years of support and leadership in one or more of our prevention initiatives.

Winners – 2017

Valerie Moore

Janine Underwood

Tom Bowers

Robert Ballou

Joe Crowder

Be the Future – Ariana Mandros

Be the Future – Savannah Oaks

Winners – 2016


Terrence Engles

Dr. Dave Sallee

Chief Howard Hall

Denise Ellis

Be the Future – Rachel Davis

Be the Future – Lidya Tadesse

Winners – 2015

Rising Star Award: Dr. Lorraine Lange

Winners – 2014

Rising Star Award: Dr. Colleen Kraft

Susan Farmer

Richard Henegar, Jr.

Lori Mullen

Doug Perry

Shannon Sweeney

YOUTH: Amber Pease, Yanise Barnes


Winners – 2013

Jason Walls

Shane Snowden

Tabitha Cain

Fran Kiker

Carolyn Penn

Felicia Davis

Dee Sheffer

YOUTH: Emily McClung, Andrew McClung, Emma White, Kendall Jarvis


Winners – 2012

Charlie Poff

Benjamin Jones, DSS

Blue Ridge Copier

Wheeler Broadcasting

Cal Johnson, YMCA

Nathan Hartwell

Chris Goodman, ACindy Podeschi

Donna McGuirt

John Moody

YOUTH: Maggie Hurst, Morgan Fiering, Tammie Goode


Winners – 2011

Arlene Murphy

Linda Payne

Kathy Smith

Fred Lumb

Chuck Lionberger

Ginny Harden

YOUTH: Nepherriti Gray, Liza Roza, Whitney Bell


Winners – 2009

Shery Gearheart

Miranda Beck

John Newton

Mark Layman

YOUTH: Destinee Dixon, Virginia Harris, Rebecca Sair, Alex Zuber, Torren Nanz


Winners – 2008

Joe Alaskauis

Donna Furrow

Rachel Gilbert

Lori Hulak

YOUTH: Naji, Kadijeah Fountain


Winners – 2007


Judge Philip Trompeter

Dr. Lorraine Lange

Rita Gliniecki

Gene Marrano

Caroline Overfeldt

Officer Jason Taylor

YOUTH: Brittney Sutton, Brittany Richie, Anaiah Applin