Beginning in 2002, the Prevention Council of Roanoke County has partnered with the Roanoke County Public Schools to administer the Youth Risk Behavior Survey biennially. All 6th-12th grade students are surveyed, accounting for nearly 8,000 students each year that the YRBS is administered. The 2016 survey was completed in March of this year. This will represent more than a decade of surveying, which is analyzed by Drs. Kerry Redican and Dave Sallee, of Virginia Tech’s College of Population Health Sciences and Radford University, respectively.

The YRBS looks at a wide array of risk behaviors, including: alcohol use, tobacco and marijuana use, inhalants use, bullying, depression/suicide, sexual activity, and much more. You can access the Roanoke County data findings on the Roanoke County Schools website, or by contacting Council Director, Nancy Hans,

Here is the link to the most recent data findings:

2016 Local Data