The HOPE Initiative celebrates their one year anniversary:

Addiction: The Beast Within:

The Roanoke Valley has many valuable resources and many are related to monitoring and improving the health of our community. The most efficient way these improvements can be made are via collaborative efforts. Watch this video to learn more:


Here is a link to the live recording of “Community Conversations: Heroin Epidemic” that was hosted by VTCRI on July 27th:

Below is an interview with VTCSOM/Carilion Clinic’s Dr. John Burton:

Here is a link to the coverage of the HOPE initiative in the Roanoke Valley:

Thank you to the Northside Middle School YADAPP Club for reminding us why we all should KNOW MORE!

Below is a link to an interview with Tom Bowers regarding Heroin use across Virginia:


Here is a recent news report about alcohol related incidents decreasing among youth in our community:

Alcohol-related crashes drop among young adults

Here is a video about teen brain. It is especially useful for parents:

The following link is to an Ad that describes the potential harms that could develop if Florida were to legalize marijuana. But know that these social harms could occur in any state that chooses to legalize marijuana.

The audio clip below is a recent interview with Sarah Nerad sharing her story and representing the Ohio State Collegiate Recovery Community and the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery on Salt and Light Productions.