The Prevention Council of Roanoke County (Council) has more than a decade of experience in data collection and data-driven strategy implementation. In 2010, the Council received national recognition for its outcomes as a CADCA Got Outcomes! Award in the Coalition in Focus category.  This achievement was a direct result of the Council ’s approach of evaluating the success of its strategies and adjusting its efforts to lower underage drinking rates in Roanoke County.

Beginning in 2002, the Prevention Council of Roanoke County has partnered with the Roanoke County School Systems to administer the Youth Risk Behavior Survey biennially. All 6 th-12th grade students are surveyed, accounting for nearly 8,000 students each year that the YRBS is administered.

The YRBS looks at a wide array of risk behaviors, including: alcohol use, tobacco and marijuana use, inhalants use, bullying, depression/suicide, sexual activity, and much more.


Virginia Polytechnic University

Dr. Kerry Redican, Virginia Polytechnic University, in combination with Dr. Dave Sallee, of Radford University, have provided project and outcomes related evaluation services to the Council since Year One as a Drug Free Community Support grantee. Each of these evaluators have assisted in the collection and analysis of alcohol related data and prevention strategies for the Council.

Community Systems Group

 In order to track our progress as a community coalition, and to determine how we are doing compared to our other national peers, the Council utilizes a customized workstation from Community Systems Group (CSG). CSG provides quarterly and annual feedback and recommendations for improving our prevention strategies and Council infrastructure.

By combining prevention and enforcement-based strategies, the Council has successfully achieved positive outcomes in all of the following areas: 30 day use of alcohol use, perception of harm, age of onset, and perception of parental disapproval.

You can access the Roanoke County data findings for 2010 on the Roanoke County Schools website, or by contacting Council Director, Nancy Hans.