The Prevention Council places a high priority on the training and formation of youth leaders at the school, local, state and national level. Youth leaders help develop Council strategies and host an annual Youth Leadership Conference that draws participants from across Virginia.

“I choose to live Life at its best.”
“Life at its best” is about doing what you love without adding anything that might change who you are. It means staying away from alcohol and other drugs that can limit your potential and complicate your life.

What is Life at its best?
Life at its best” is a comprehensive social marketing campaign designed to support positive lifestyle choices for high school-age youth.

Life at its best Philosophy

1. Trust yourself – Pay attention to that little voice inside your head.
2. Do the right thing – Even if no one notices.
3. Do what you love – You can do anything you set your mind to.
4. Add nothing – Avoid using alcohol and other drugs, which will limit your potential.
5. Don’t waste your time – Make the most of every minute of every day.
6. Help others – The more you give, the more you get back.
7. Have fun – Remember, happiness isn’t something you get. It comes from what you do.